2018 WORKSHOPS: Galway City

Mindfulness through Bodymind awareness:

Without Religion or Spiritual Masters to guide us we must find our way through often lonely and traumatic paths. Our vulnerability as a human condition, our environment, and our experiences, can at times present as a difficult fate. Our deepest beliefs may be tested if we are not supported to embrace and make meaning of these trying events or experiences, and if we do not have the guidance to steer our way through difficult paths in an empathic way, they can manifest in illness, addiction, and an unrealistic pursuit of happiness.

Discover how we can bring real change to patterns that prevent us living without inner peace.

In the spiritual practice of Mindfulness, we experience being informed through understanding the art of living in the present, skilful in knowing how to retreat or return to our own inner centre, from this we learn the practice of how to connect to our world through nature, and how to become compassionate, aware and attentive to others as well as oneself.

Develop skills to support us to manage stress, relieve anxiety and improve our mental and emotional capacity in our everyday lives and relationships

Learning to habitually include simple meditation along with a supportive philosophy, help