Dreaming the Myth On

After C.P. Cavafy

When you sail into the harbor of Ithaca today,
you pass a small island with a sign on it that reads:
Every traveller is a citizen of Ithaca.


Don’t waste strength before the sea of fear surges
within, as you set out on this journey.


Storms will overwhelm, don’t let them steer.
Trust the winds will carry you onto new shores,
don’t decide where that shore should be.
Athena will be with you, and if need be
she will hold back time for your safe passing.


For now, pull up a chair, let despair sit at your table
too, feed it enough to nourish, take its insight,
but do not give it your whole self –


hold with others seated around your counter.
Listen with every ear; each voice from within
has something to offer.
You, your own teacher- will know.


Drink slowly whatever spirit you choose,
embrace the wisdom of your ancestors
they live in you, they too navigated depths.


Give time to silence; reflect. In high seas
the direction of wind and wave prevails,
so contemplate steps, and do not be troubled
if asked more than you feel you can give,
You will not be abandoned.


Hide your true self to protect from fools,
and don’t be fooled,
beware of the living dead.
Take heed; this is the hero’s journey,


you will return, not to what you knew,
but the home you longed for, one within you.

By Attracta Fahy.