Eating Disorders

13235614_10209625599221955_94523850666559439_oHow would you describe or define an eating disorder? And what types of eating disorders are there?

Normal eating is eating when you get hungry, this is what we do, most people have some issue with food and their eating pattern may fluctuate or vary. We all have different eating habits and these can be affected when you are under pressure or stressed, i.e. such as craving and comfort eating, losing your appetite and not being able to eat. Most people return to their usual eating pattern when the pressure, stress or difficulty passes.

In this day and age of dieting, health and fitness it is difficult to ascertain the difference between someone who has an eating disorder and a person who is simply weight conscious, somewhere within this spectrum when one becomes obsessive and compulsive in regard to weight shape and size, they are in some sense developing a complex and a disorder.

An eating disorder is a coping mechanism. It manifests when food or the control of food becomes increasingly important, leading to a preoccupation with food, dieting and control and also, becoming the most predominant aspect of one