I loved you on my knees cutting the grass verge

of your path with a scissors,

digging weeds from your soil,

creating a perfect ground for your feet.


I loved you as far as the longest straight line,


and back,

the cataclysmic spread of galaxies,

crashing stars, that after millions of years, still

flicker light on a raven night, atoms

falling, gold to my heart.


I loved you like galvanised waves spread

in rows over terraced homes, into horizons,

the unison of a thousand starlings preparing

for flight.


I loved you in sounds, creating a dance

in your honour.


I loved you like a bucket loves to carry,

this vessel leaking water, her life,

loved like warm dandelions cover fields,

dying when pulled, you were my soil.


I loved, walking barefoot, my feet

took me over bramble, stone,

into the underworld, ethereal faeries,

Tír na nóg.


Love took me to the last foot,

leaving shore,   

my love deeper than that first step

into the depth,


the ocean, another land,

sweeping me off my feet, floating

to music,

your  smile,

my death.

By Attracta Fahy.


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